Ibex Battery Systems

Powered NEMA Boxes

sla smart charger battery disconnect

NEMA-5V & NEMA-5NV Powered NEMA Boxes Available as a ventilated unit (-5V) (in stock) or as a non-ventilated unit (-5NV) (non-stocked but short lead time). More Information

The boxes measure 18"x16"x8" and are molded fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP).

The upper panel is 10-1/8" x 14-7/8" with 8" of headroom and is removable for installing customer equipment.

120/240VAC, Solar Panel, and 17-32VDC Charger Input Power.
12V/5A Battery Charger/Power Supply.
21Ah SLA Battery Pack.

-40C to +60C full power.
To +85C reduced power.

The charger is a microprocessor-controlled, enhanced 3 mode, open-frame switch-mode 5A charger/power supply. It features two available charger-status signals that can power LEDs or interface to CMOS logic.

The charger/power supply is permanently connected to the battery to provide uninterrupted power to the application.

The output voltage is temperature-compensated. An automatic low-battery load-disconnect circuit protects the battery from becoming over-discharged.