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low temperature power supplies General Description:  Designed to be powered by 115/230VAC, this dual-voltage switch-mode power supply operates at -40C to +85C ambient temperature. 5 year limited warranty.

Several standard output voltages are normally stocked with many non-stocked voltages between 3.3V and 24V available. The total output power limit is 30W over the full temperature range or 40W up to +45C, with each voltage output limited to 3A.

The power supply is not damaged by a short circuit at the voltage output terminals.

Two units may be cascaded to form a +\- unit.

For applications not needing dual voltages, this unit can be supplied with half the board populated for a single 30W/40W output (PCX-30/115AC series).

Numbering Scheme:  

low temp power supplies

Stocked units Voltage #1 Voltage #2
PC512-30/115AC 5.0V @ 3.0A 12V @ 2.5A/3.0A
PC515-30/115AC 5.0V @ 3.0A 15V @ 2.0A/2.7A
PC524-30/115AC 5.0V @ 3.0A 24V @ 1.25A/1.67A
PC1224-30/115AC 12V @ 2.5A/3.0A 24V @ 1.25A/1.67A
PC5-30/115AC - 5.0V @ 3.0A
PC12-30/115AC - 12V @ 2.5A/3.0A
PC15-30/115AC - 15V @ 2.0A/2.7A
PC24-30/115AC - 24V @ 1.25A/1.67A
Notes: The above currents are limits for each output.
The higher current number applies to ambient temperatures up to +45C.
At +85C, the lower number applies.
The sum of the two outputs should not exceed 30W at +85C or 40W at +45C.
Other non-stocked voltages are available with a 1-2 week lead time.