Ibex Battery Systems

Electrical Specifications

(Product Series)

General Description


Operation Manual


Power Units

Maximum Operating Ratings

AC Line Voltage
Isolation from Ground (note 1)
Output Short Circuit Duration
AC Line Frequency (Min. & Max.)
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
MTBF (Calculated)

108/216VAC - 126.5/253VAC
600V peak
50Hz - 60Hz
-40C to +85C
-55C to +105C
150,000 Hours (25C)

Electrical characteristics Unless stated otherwise, these specifications are valid over the operating temperature range.
Parameter Conditions Minimum Maximum Units
Max. Output Current (Note 2) Each output 3.0 3.5 A
Min. Load Current (Note 3) Each output 15 - mA
Output Ripple & Noise (Note 4) Before extra filtering - 100 mV pk-pk
Output Ripple & Noise After extra filtering - 20 mV pk-pk
Output Regulation (Note 5) V1A and V2A - +/- 2% -

Note 1: Between the board's output terminals and ground.

Note 2: The regulator circuit automatically limits the output current to 3.0 - 3.5A. This current value may not be possible however, if the total output power exceeds 30W at +85C or 40W at +45C.

Note 3: A minimum load current of 15mA is required to maintain regulation.

Note 4: There is an extra-filtered output available for each voltage. The resistance of the filter is approximately 0.05 ohms which gives the choice between lower ripple and tighter regulation.

Note 5: At the V1A and V2A ports. Under all conditions of line, load, and ambient temperature. V1B and V2B ports have an additional voltage sag of approximately 50mV per ampere of output current.